Window Tinting at Berardi's

» Window tinting reduces the amount of heat entering your vehicle
» Protection from harmful UV Rays
» Fading damage from the sun's intense rays is reduced
» Increased safety and comfort from reduced glare

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Free Pickup and Delivery on all window tint Installs over $250.00.
We only use the highest quality films.

If you are looking for high quality window tinting-look no further!
Berardi's skilled window tinting professionals give you the best value for your money, satisfaction guaranteed! We use the highest quality materials and we make sure the job is done right the first time. All window tinting at Berardi's comes with a lifetime warranty.

Window tinting Offers UV Protection
Automotive window films can block over 99% of UVA+B rays, protecting both the interior of your vehicle and you as you drive.

Window Tinting Offers Glare Control
Window Tinting can reduce glare by as much as 80% creating a much safer driving environment in strong sun, snow or rear headlight glare.

Window Tinting Offers Shatter Resistance
Window Tinting can provide some accident protection by helping to hold shattered glass together.

We show you that we value your business by providing outstanding customer service-and by finishing your job quickly so you can get behind the wheel.

Berardi's Window Tinting Service is performed by only the most skilled professional.

Professional window Tint allows visible light to pass through, while filtering out ultraviolet and infrared (heat) waves-protecting your vehicle and improving its appearance!

When you are looking for the highest quality window tinting at competitive prices come to Berardi's!

Why should I tint my windows?
There are several reasons to tint your windows:
» Window tinting reduces the amount of heat entering your vehicle, significantly  reducing interior temperature.
» Protection from harmful UV Rays.
» Fading damage from the sun's intense rays is reduced.
» Increased safety and comfort from reduced glare and temperature.
» Enhanced Vehicle appearance.
» Protection of your investment.
» Increased ease of use of GPS navigation equipment

  Available Tints

   5% Tint
   20% Tint
   35% tint
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